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Live. Move. Refuel.


Push Power Milwaukee is how you’ll finally and consistently move from stagnation and any sense of “meh” in your body, health, or life, to confidence, energy, and the physical ability to lead a life of adventure. Adventure might mean marathons and intense travel and a higher state of fitness that improves your sport of choice. Adventure might mean dancing the night away in your favorite heels. Adventure might mean climbing the corporate ladder. Whatever adventure means to you, you need the tools to support your growth and activity. By joining our community and discovering the functional movement that enables you to your optimal strength, you’ll be on your way to reaching your truest state of happiness.


 The Dynamic duo

Erika & Royal are a Team

Erika and Royal bring together the perfect combination of desires, experiences, and strengths to create the PUSH POWER experience. Erika’s PUSH and Royal’s POWER are separate entities with separate offerings, but when combined, this Milwaukee fitness scene POWER couple can make clients of all races and levels and couples, partners feel welcome, strong, and living their best lives.



Erika Pushes You to find the confidence to live the life of your dreams and develop strength you never knew you’d attain.

My journey with fitness, health, and wellness has taken me down countless roads, but has always lead back to strength. Recognizing the power in my own strength, and realizing that anchoring to strength, physical and in mindset, throughout challenges and successes is something I found to be the key - and this is what I teach to clients in our sessions. My own story starts with a foundation of unhealthy yoyo-ing and health scares, which I cleared with self-taught nutritional and mindset overhaul, and landed me on the current journey I’ll always be on - constantly striving to live a life of balanced nutrition, strength, confidence, and motivation, pushing me to offer this to others. Seeing positive shifts, whatever the scale, in my clients is my life’s purpose and my truest joy.

Royal infuses you with your own POWER
to live life with energy.

As a Milwaukee native, I am living my dream to help and educate others with the POWER of fitness. At the same time giving back to my community by operating a small business in the city I grew up loving. Milwaukee has a culture unlike any other, and I understand the growth and trends of fitness in our city, all while also recognizing my clients’ needs for physical and emotional happiness in their bodies. The love for fitness stemmed from a childhood of activity: baseball, football, basketball, and golf. I went on to play semi-pro football for 10 years, and then ended up coaching high school football for a few more. It’s truly a gift to educate people about the functions of their bodies and so gratifying to show them how and watch them reach their goals!

You’re living and moving

let’s talk refueling

Personal Chef SerVICE

Personal chef service, courtesy of Kettlebell Kitchen, a performance food brand where meals are crafted by classically trained chefs. It’s an easy and convenient way to clean up your nutrition, recover faster, work harder and have fresh meals delivered right to the studio for FREE. The complete menu, along with ingredient lists and nutrition facts can be found here. Use the discount code PushFF at checkout for $25 OFF each of your first 2 orders ($50 total).

*Order cutoffs are Wednesday evening by midnight for Monday delivery and Saturday evening by midnight for Thursday delivery.

Fresh Juices Via Juiced!

Milwaukee’s Cold-Pressed Juicery began as an independent, mobile juice bar and has grown into a regional powerhouse supplier of fresh, cold-pressed juices. Juiced! products  never contain added sweeteners, water, or preservatives; just the fresh taste of local, organic produce (when in season).


Jerome has 26 years of experience, working with Olympic, MLB, and currently NBA athletes with the Milwaukee Bucks. Since every client is unique, the therapeutic and sports massage therapy delivered by Jerome is adapted to meet the individual’s need.  Whether world-class professional athlete or weekend jogger, Jerome tailors the massage session to meet the needs of the client.

NormaTech Recovery Boot

This is a game-changed for your recovery. Compression therapy uses compressed air to massage your feet, legs and hips, and with regular use can speed up recovery time between workouts, improve circulation in the extremities and reduce muscle soreness. Compression therapy is recommended at least three times per week. Reservations are required, and access to this is only $30 / month for 30 minute sessions (unlimited use)! Optional usage: 10 minutes before and 20 minutes after a workout. 30 minutes post workout.

*If nobody is signed up after you, you’re welcome to stay as long as feels good, up to 60 minutes.