How PUSH POWER came to be


Erika and Royal bring together the perfect combination of desires, experiences, and strengths to create the PUSH POWER experience. Erika’s PUSH and Royal’s POWER are separate entities with separate offerings, but when combined, this Milwaukee fitness scene POWER couple can make clients of all races and levels and couples, partners feel welcome, strong, and living their best lives.

We firmly believe that it’s our mission to prove to everyone that if they have a body, they are an athlete.

We’re joining forces to make a bigger impact;  to continue to PUSH clients in training sessions, push them past their comfort zones, push them to eat healthier, push them to be adventurous, push them to become better. PUSH POWER gives clients options for the best workouts for them – PUSH personal training and POWER bootcamps. Regardless of your workout style preference, both workouts are designs to help you see the magic and effectiveness of giving ALL you have to the task and workout at hand.  You will feel intensity. You’ll leave feeling empowered. You will see changes.

PUSH POWER is a family. We built our tribe so we could give our clients more – the opportunity to sweat with a class, get a training session, or to open gym with their family/us.  We want you to live, move, and refuel, so after we sweat together, we recover together. Let the compression boots work their magic on your sore muscles, recover with healthy, local snack, meal or beverage.

“A culture is strong when people work for each other, with each other. A culture is weak when people work against each other, for themselves – Simon Sinek” We’re bringing this to life with a strong, high vibe culture.  We want to show you how to have fun while working out: fun & diverse humans, all types of music effortlessly merge in a healthy way.

Our values and guiding principles. Together, our mission is to:

  • Make a positive difference in the lives of our ever-expanding tribe in Milwaukee

  • Bridge the gap in diversity

    Give the absolute best service, workouts, education to our clients

  • Give our clients more than the average workout, trainer, gym.

  • Make a difference

  • Offer an elevated training experience with both upscale facilities and offerings at affordable rates

  • Keeps clients balanced through nutrition, mobility, and aid in quicker recovery. A quicker recovery means less post-workout muscle soreness (we want you to enjoy your life!) and quicker turnover to hit the studio again the next day, ready to give it 100% again!

Erika Gudgeon