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Move from stagnation to confidence and energy. Energetic, educational, motivational, functional. The PUSH you need to live your best life, one where confidence, energy, and strength are your foundation. Erika and her team focus on utilizing functional fitness, core-focused strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and mindful nutrition to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. In addition to providing structured workouts, our trainers teach their clients how to stay active throughout the day; share healthy recipes and nutrition hacks; and guide you through a well-rounded approach to health and wellness.

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Each trainer at our gym has the passion to infuse you with your own PUSH to live life with energy and confidence.
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30 Minute Sessions


A complimentary consult, 4 personal training 30-minute sessions (5 min warm-up + 25 min workout)

45 Minute Sessions


A complimentary consult, 4 personal training 45-minute sessions (5 min warm-up + 40 min workout)

60 Minute Sessions


A complimentary consult, 4 personal training 45-minute sessions (5 min warm-up, 45 min workout, 10 min stretch)


Members of both Push and Power receive 10% off personal training packages and 15% off bootcamp packages. Discounts are only on packages and can only be applied in the studio.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of working with a PUSH Personal Trainer?

Our personal training staff ensures your workout and program is tailored to your specific goals. Yes, we have knowledge and skills to give you an incredible workout (and to work around injuries and medical conditions), but we’ll also ensure your workout is effective and FUN. Your One-on-One training offers a schedule that is based on your needs.

I’m totally out of shape. Do i need to work up to working with a trainer?

Now is the PERFECT time! We work with individuals of all levels, and if you’re willing to show up ready to do the work (whatever that looks like for you), we’re on your team and ready to help! It’s often best to start with a trainer, as we’ll be able to determine a plan that will help you safely get moving and to your next level. The exercise selection our trainers choose is based on YOUR fitness level.

How often should I work with a personal trainer?

This depends on how quickly you’d like to see results as well as your fitness level! We would suggest 2-3 times/week on non-consecutive days so your body can recover and you’re showing up back full-steam when you walk through our doors. Find yourself incredibly sore, see And we also offer bootcamp classes through POWER if you want to round out your routine.

Do you have packages?

The number of sessions you purchase is completely up to you. While you can purchase ala carte or packages, often the most cost effective option is through a contract. We do offer some promotions for members of both Push and Power!

I’d like to train with a friend, are there options for that?

Yes, partner or group training is available. You and your friend(s) can sign up together via the online scheduler and choosing group options. Contact with any questions!

To be honest, Training makes me nervous; what does a “typical” session look like?

Each session begins with a warm-up to prepare the body for exercise. Many of our trainers like to use a standard warm-up that is easy for the client to learn. In fact, we have many clients that arrive a little early and warm-up on their own so they have more time to exercise with the trainer.

After the warm-up, the trainer will introduce the exercises for the day and explain what muscles will be worked and why the exercises were selected. The trainer’s role is to create a program that is specific to your goals and ensure each exercise is performed correctly and safely. In addition, our trainers spend a lot of time creating workouts that are not only effective but also fun. We routinely have clients mention that they like working with a trainer because the variety of exercises keep them motivated.

You will notice after a couple of weeks that you have learned quite a few exercises! Constant education is a key to Personal Training and prepares our clients for future success. You will notice that your clothes are fitting better, you have more energy, and some of those pesky aches and pains are gone (especially in the back and neck area). These are all benefits of an exercise program that is carefully created to meet your goals.

I want to lose weight, can a Personal Trainer help me with that?

Weight loss IS Personal Training. Weight loss is the number one goal clients mention when joining a gym and working with a trainer. The Adventure 212 Fitness Personal Trainers will create a program that includes the appropriate amount of resistance and cardiovascular training to maximize your weight loss. The trainer will also make recommendations for proper nutrition and supplementation to assist with weight loss.

Who are the trainers at PUSH?

Our trainers are highly skilled and required to have a certification from one of the national boards - either the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Their unique backgrounds and certifications enable them to prescribe safe and effective programs. Meet the team here.


Prior to the first session, we’ll chat with you to get a detailed discussion of prior exercise history, health history, expectations and goals, as well as analysis of body composition and fitness assessment. We need benchmarks and input to make sure we tailor your training to what you’d like to achieve!

In all following sessions, your trainer will lead you through a warm-up, workout, a cooldown/stretching, providing motivation and feedback along the way. Safety, efficiency, fun, and results are the goal! We’ll even let you pick the music if it’ll help you give your best!

Do you offer any discounts?

Members of both Push and Power receive 10% off personal training packages and 15% off bootcamp packages. There is always 10% off packages for students and couples. Both discounts are on contracts only and discount can only be applied in studio.

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